Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Baltimore: More Than Drugs!

True, it's mostly drugs. But it's also duckpin bowling!

So that's what we did for our work holiday party. But first, we got on a bus with a bunch of beer.

If you haven't been on a bus with condensation on the windows since you were a kid, you'd be surprised to find that the urge to write on them is still overwhelming.

I decided that it should be more adult-like window graffiti, though.

(It says "cocaine/crack".)

And of course, it's still awesome to be metal.

Duckpin bowling involves smaller balls, smaller pins, and three tries per frame.

Aside from that, it's pretty much like normal bowling, although the proprietors think for some reason that having "rental" on the instep of a bowling shoe is going to keep somebody from stealing it. I would argue that it increases the shoes' awesomeness.

Remember my new name? Sure you do! Also, I was totally winning until the end.

Bowling, like all games, brings out the juvenile posing gene.

The bowling alley was so awesome that it had converted one lane into a locker room/smoking area.

Something about starting to drink at six that makes people sleepy. I think it's the rufis.

Murph was sleepy from the beginning, though. He worked in what he called the "morning." I'm checking on it.

In other news, these two people are very photogenic.

This one is too, only in his own special way:

BONUSBONUSBONUS People always want to be on here. Guess what! You can be, if you see me when I have my camera!

Also, Evan does an impression of someone.


Anonymous said...

If you know or do not know...I'm almost insulted at being placed back-to-back with Casey in said blog. Given...I have only appeared once in this blog before (see-brickskeller...the world's bar.)...but there's a very awkward history involving me and Casey that I'm trying very hard to forget.


Deffo said...

Ha, ha. Casey wanted to be on this phlog because Casey reads this phlog! Awkwarder!

matchett said...

dudes -
is the duckpin alley out in college park not there anymore?
just a shade closer than b-more, methinks....

Anonymous said...

hey, the link is www.pattersonbowl.com, not pattersonbowling.com. Just figured you'd want to know.