Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday Night Camera Phone Dump

Alot has happened on my phone lately. First, for some reason I used it to capture Colin working the ladies when I had a perfectly working real phone at hand:

He swore that he needed just five more minutes. Next time, Collard Greens, next time!

Also, Murph posed:

Before that, a couple of us went to DC's hottest only after-hours spot, wherein we were stuck for two hours in silence while the coppers tried to pinch us.

If I were 17, it would've been a great story. But I'm not. The coppers would've needed to actually pinch us for it to be a great story at 30.

I finally got my shirt. It's surprisingly high in quality and awesomeness:

And finally, Teebz turned 19! Here he is asking for his keys:

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