Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So-So Tuesday

I got a call from my Dad this morning, which I knew only meant that my grandma had died. It's difficult to be sad, though, because she had been ready to go for a long time. But I'm still sad because she was the best grandma ever and she always told me how pretty I was.

In other news, the internet is doing things that I have put off for years, like filing papers to make me single again. The internet is AMAZING. Best part? "Product: Divorce." Ha. That's a quality product you sell, Internet!

So basically everyone needs to get ready for bachelor Deffo, which as Senior pointed out recently should include essential oils, gold jewelry, sports cars, scantily-clad ladies, expensive electronic equipment, and a tan. It's a lot to get ready for, I know, but we'll all be better for it in the end.


anne said...

sorry about your grandma. but in terms of your online divorce, i see you can revise your order--is that in case you decide you want to be married again? all with a click of a button--the interweb is amazing

Our Lady Mess said...

sorry about your grandma.

katie 2 said...

I'm glad you got to see her over Thanksgiving! Cutest grandma ever!

Anonymous said...

i also really miss my grandma. if i killed somebody she would have said..."i don't believe she did it, but if she did, they probly needed killin."
she thought i was pretty to.
eva odlan