Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Good Ideas Gone Wrong

Last night we went to see a movie. Once, I enjoyed seeing intellectually stimulating, or sad, or enigmatic independent films, largely in other languages and with budgets around $6500 US. Later, I became an adult and realized that movies aren't about learning things; they're about being entertained with as little thought as possible.

So instead of There Will Be Blood's thought-provoking, nuanced portrayals of a tormented American archetype, we went to see Be Kind Rewind, where movie stars make their own versions of popular American movies. It was good. And don't be fooled! Making your own version of a movie is harder than it seems. Cf. their version of Rush Hour v. an amateur's version of Ghost. Hint: the amateur's version suxxx.

After the movie we went to Clyde's for their 1/2 price raw bar happy hour, at which point the bartender convinced us that in lieu of two dozen oysters and a lobster cocktail we could spend ten dollars more and get Clyde's ShellfishStravaganza, which includes a dozen oysters, a dozen clams, a dozen jumbo shrimp, a dozen crab claws, and a lobster. Why not? It's only midnight, right? Should sit well.

Iodine poisoning is a bummer, but the food was delicious.

In other versions of ideas that started in a good place and end in grotesque excess, here's a picture of my neighbor's van, which he repainted in his backyard a couple months ago:

In tiny letters, it says "Boycott" and "purveyors around "Veal."

BONUSBONUSBONUS Don't forget that March Madness® Selection Sunday® is on Sunday. Get ready for my purely speculative (in that I've only watched three games all season) bracket to win the whole shebang.

SUPERBONUS Everyone who starred in "Roadhouse" is dying of cancer. Please, the following should see a doctor:

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