Thursday, March 20, 2008

New, Unexciting Information Plus Annotated Bracket

We're moving seven blocks north and two blocks east. That's like 50 miles, which means: new bodega (you will be missed, Best DC Supermarket), new grocery store ($20 for a sandwich, chips and drink at Whole Foods: you will not be missed), and new late-night haunts. See:

Destination: Whole Foods Current Distance .7 mi New Distance 1.1 mi Verdict Likely will lose except for in cases of meat and produce.

Destination: Giant Current Distance 1.3 mi New Distance .6 mi Verdict Giant wins: see prev.

Destination: Work Current Distance 1.1 mi New Distance 1.8 mi Verdict Must leave house 7 minutes earlier.

Destination: Black Cat Current Distance .2 mi New Distance 1.1 mi Verdict It's still the Black Cat. Stumbling home will include large hill, which is a bummer.

Destination: Pharmacy Bar/Bourbon Current Distance 1.1 mi New Distance 1.3 mi Verdict Push: still worth rolling up at 1am on Sunday.

Destination: Chinatown Current Distance 2.4mi New Distance 2.6mi Verdict Can avoid Tuesday through Saturday at same frequency as before.

Destination: Pho Current Distance 3.6 mi New Distance 4.3 mi Verdict It's Pho. As if.

Destination: Zipcars Current Distance 7 within 1 block New Distance 4 within 1 block Verdict Must reserve early in order to get Pho.

All in all, it becomes apparent that moving 9 blocks away means that things are approximately 9 blocks further away than they used to be.

The Post has started a new tradition of having Tony Kornheiser submit his NCAA tournament bracket with funny notes on it. Here's my copycat version (follow it here), which is 7-1 so far:

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