Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Apartment Overkill Plus New Sweet Ink

You'll forgive me if I go overboard on the whole new apartment thing. I will give you a quick rundown of my living spaces since leaving my parents' house at 18 as justification:

1996: Dorm room, 9'x14', shared with redneck chainsmoker. Upside: my parents don't live there. Downside: demerits if a girl is there past 11pm. Not that my game was capable of making that happen at that point.

1997: Dorm room, 7'x14', most of which was comprised of bicycles and computers. Upside: no redneck chainsmoker. Downside: 2 sq ft of unused space.

1998: Apartment, downtown Rome, GA. Upside: First and nicest apartment of my life. Downside: the walls were really just partitions so anyone in the apartment could hear when anybody else was doing it, and then it got condemned

1999: Lived on friend's floor with girlfriend cuz I didn't have a place. Upside: the floor was carpeted. Downside: it was the floor

1999: Massive apartment complex. Upside: wall-to-wall carpeting. Downside: wall-to-wall carpeting.

2000: "House"= back end of house with two living rooms, a laundry room and zero bedrooms. Upside: $370 a month. Downside: holes in floor, possible dead babies in crawlspace.

2001: 400 sq ft apartment in downtown Salt Lake City. Upside: centrally located. Downside: downtown Salt Lake City.

2002: Cabin in Athens, GA. Upside: rustic. Downside: Cabins don't have air conditioning.

2002: 1 br in downtown Washington, DC. Upside: not a bad size. Downside: physically impossible for natural light to enter.

2005: Basement of current house. Upside: can see sky from window. Downside: creeping mold entering from center of room.

And that brings us current. Now it's bragtime USA:

I've never been one for memorial tattoos, or even tattoos that mean anything whatsoever, but when my Grandma died I knew I wanted to get something. So I got a lamp.

So Patrick blogviewed my phlog:

and then Murph Murphviewed Patrick's blogview. This shit just got meta, people.


Anonymous said...

blog. blogblog. blogblog blog.

Jordan said...

The new place looks amazing! I have a ton of boxes (bigger than beer cases/liquor cases) if you want them.

Meowington said...

ok, now you guys have to find me an apartment.

here's what I require-

ceilings high enough for a 14 foot xmas tree.
a pinball machine room.
remember the "mans bathroom" from Home Improvement? that.
a butler.