Friday, April 25, 2008

Feather Your Bangs!

Wednesday was full of driving to Philadelphia to see Tim and Eric: Awesome Show: The Live Show at some bar with Evan and Dana. When four nerds drive somewhere to see a show performed by nerds, the only real way to do it is in a shared hybrid vehicle.

I wish you could see the overwhelming nerddom that filled the place while we waited in line, but it would've taken some sort of special camera, while all I had was my phone. So here's me.

Also, this is true:

The show was pretty good, even though it was like watching an episode of the Wiggles with a bunch of seven year olds. I swear to god it was like the nerds had Tim and Eric-brand Tourettes. Non sequitur quotes from the show were shouted at almost every quiet moment.

DJ Dogg Pound is really funny.

Here is when they first came out in these really gross naked costumes with enormous balls.

Later we went to Waffle House because it was there. Shocking: waitress was clearly speeding and fucked up every order. Not Shocking: it was still delicious.

The video below is enough justification for the show. It's perfect.

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