Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Richmond: Baltimore of the South

We've been to Baltimore a million times in the past couple years, but never Richmond. Why? Because it's the capital of the South? No, the South rules. Because it's further away? Nobody cares about things like distance or time. It just boils down to laziness, people. We've been too lazy to give Richmond a chance. Those days are over.

On the way to Richmond or anywhere chances are you're going to want to stop and Dunkin' Donuts. This particular one that we went to not only didn't have any donuts, it didn't let us tip its employees:

Damn shame. Sorry, Quantico-area Dunkin' Donuts employees.

Anyway. You know when you have an idea in your head of what a place will be and then it doesn't live up to that mental picture? Richmond is not that place. Richmond is exactly like I thought it would be. Or at least the hotel was:

When the hotel calls for it, sometimes a murder has to happen. Plus, Joe is super accident-prone so it's easy to call it an accident.

Right across the street was this CBS Station which says it's the South's First Television Station. Which it probably is. But none of the lights in the sign work.

Then we went to dinner at a surprisingly good seafood restaurant where Ana ate a fish like Heathcliff the Cat:

Later, it got scary cuz it turns out Katie is a zombie changeling

and we just had to act like everything was normal

Also in Richmond it is compulsory to smoke cigarettes.

Also this is where this one girl started following us around.

I mean this is the next day and she's wearing the same clothes. You'd think she'd have the decency to change.

Travel Tip: If you're ever in Richmond and you need some flour or a notion, you know where to go:

This car had three kegs of beer in the back.

Before the zombie Katie got tattooed we went to the cemetery because Joe says there are some great names there. P. Lightfoot Wormeley says he is right:

As do Mary B. Strange and B. Gay Strange.

The only problem for me was that I found out that I'm dead.

Get a load of these two drunks dancing outside the bar! Omg. The girl had barfed inside earlier.

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