Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chatting with Junes + The World is Ending, Get Ready

After perusing my upcoming roadtrip itinerary, Junes (aka Dana Junior aka the great chocolate heiress) texts me today:

Junes: I noticed saint paul wasnt included in your itinerary.
Me: Actually i looked into it and then realized that you live in scandinavia
Junes: No passport?
Me: Hate white people
Junes: Not a lot of pigment with the nords.

Also in the last week Ana has realized that she enjoys a) Blue Moon and b) Jager Bombs.

Next step: whiny baby voice, perhaps collars fully popped joining kickball league.


Barn Cat said...

HOLY SHIT! Those Jaegerbombs will kill her dead! Please warn her.

DeffoTotes said...

Done, barn cat.

PS Are you really a barn cat?

Montana Barn Cat said...


Taryn said...

Good words.