Monday, October 6, 2008

BRB Gotta Go Carpe Some Diem

October has been a busy month, what with the Depression upon us, and politicians serving themselves up on platters for comedians, and a new flavor of Goldfish being released: GOLDFISH XTREME FLAVOR BLASTED MONSTROUS MOZZARELLA STICK.

Eight-word review: Tastes like mozzarella sticks, and is sufficiently extreme.

The other thing about Goldfish is that you can go to their website, where you can play Goldfish-related games (Goldfish like to play basketball) with Finn (the mascot). My question: has anyone ever played these games? Is Goldfish worried that their delicious baked snack crackers are not enough, and as a result they're hedging their bets with some virtual games?

Last week we had a poker night at Matt's house (you'll remember him from Vegas this summer, a trip that we just recently decided to continue in perpetuity--particularly the part about him turning 30), and even though the odds were even for everybody starting out, he looked pretty dejected to start.

Maybe it was the fact that his hat wasn't made of gold

nor did it light up

Regardless, they have some quality can-insulators over at his house.

In other news Anne gave me this pin, which I agree with.


chad said...

how about beards and bombs? i think we can all agree that there needs to be more compromise in the world today.

anne said...

chad i'm pretty sure at this point you could quite easily hide a bomb in your beard, so i'm totally cool with the compromise