Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Morality Play Tuesday

About five years ago, mired in debt and without the ability to secure even the most undesirable credit card, a Realtor friend of a friend told me I should buy a condo. "You're throwing your money down the toilet," she said of my rent.

I told her that the likelihood of me being approved for a mortgage of the size necessary to buy an apartment in DC was slim to none. She disagreed, and the next week I had been approved for $300k.

At this point I had about $10k in credit card debt, $25k in student loan debt, owed the IRS some money, and had about $200 in the bank.

All this is to say that I'm not especially surprised at the current economic flim-flam. (I was luckily outbid for the apartment I wanted, which is why I am currently not homeless.)

Anyway. Ana sent along this tidbit a couple days ago:

Baja fresh now offers an Aztec chocolate chip cookie. Quetzaqotal would be proud. Que viva la raza!!

Um. It's Quetzalcoatl. BURN

Sister sends along this, showing that Goldfish has already been blog-sposeed two years ago, and in a more convincing manner:

And finally, Junes gets topical:

Looks like the ol' scanner could use a wipe-down.

Finally, Frizzesh Fizzootball continues its two-week destruction streak, despite forgetting to fix the fact that one of its best players had face surgery.

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