Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Picture Dump + The Changing of the Shoes III

I'm guessing that this, the third installment of the changing of the shoes, is the most inversely interesting topic of this phlog. That is, I like it and it's not likely that anybody else does. So what! This time I got a little more artsy.

Finally! The return of LOLPunk, this time as a multiple amputee

And Patrick, after recovering from his night of pouting and getting out of a cab because the driver had taken an illegal left turn,

And also finally got to look at pictures from Catie's wedding last month. First Ana was gonna fight her

But they made up.

Later, the girls all pointed at her.

Look at this ragtag bunch of knuckleheads!

Catie's mom was excited about devouring us all.

Last but not least, the picture that wins:

Oh yeah: dudes also dance back-to-back at weddings sometimes.


anne said...

will you accept contributions from others of the changing of the shoes? my recent vans change very clearly demonstrates the deteriorating effects that hops and malted barley have on canvas.

DeffoTotes said...

I will accept contributions from others of anything, pretty much.