Monday, November 10, 2008


Chad America, who I am pretty sure is this phlog's #1 fan (prove me wrong), noted last night that he hasn't seen his face on it in like two weeks. Also, he told me that his new house adjoins a high school, and we decided that we should put on sweatpants, sunglasses, overcoats and fedoras and go watch gym class together.

Also somebody said we should start a ZZ Top cover band. Possible names:

1. We Have Legs
2. TT Zop
3. Sharp-Fingernailed Man
4. Cheap Sunglasses, as Well as Cheap Accessories of All Sorts

Run for Cover here we come.


Anonymous said...

i may be a bigger fan and i live in oakland, ca. this cracks me up all the time.

DeffoTotes said...

An intriguing argument. Chad? Rebuttal?

chad said...

i dunno, i would think a real fan would leave his name. then again, maybe this person's name really is Anonymous.

if that is the case however, you should realize that this one person is responsible for the majority of comments on the entire internet.

so, mr. Anonymous, while you may indeed be a big fan i still have you beat.

you see, i'm not wasting precious DeffoTotes! time posting millions of comments on millions of websites every second of every day.

also, oakland? WTF?

deffo said...

Oakland...WTF... Indeed.

Reagan said...

I don't leave messages on websites. I am not that bored, just enjoy reading random things. My name is Reagan and I am a female who stumbled on Deffo through two other friends blogs through a click and click because I had no idea what I was doing. The first one was you guys going camping or something and shooting random things in the woods with guns and I thought it was hilarious. Just wrote to say that I think your phlog is witty and entertaining, not to mention educational. I had a couple o beers and thought I would just let the deffototes know that people read and enjoy and they aren't necessarliy people you know. I was not necessarily challenging Chad to an arm wrestle tourny over it. I think I am realizing that maybe I look like a captain freak for responding. Oh well I built a bridge and got over it. Not so computer savy, hence the anonymous bit because I don't have a google address. Now I realize that responding after a beer or 5 may insult such other fans such as tough pants Chad.

And I hella love Oakland. hahaha.

Still don't know how to respond without doing the anonymous thing, so there it is again. And yes, it actually is my middle name.

Montana Barn Cat said...

Sounds good to me. Besides, MC Hammer is from Oakland so how bad could it be.

DeffoTotes said...

Reagan pulls into the lead for the inspirational testimony. Chad, maybe if you had to work harder to find this thing your pants would be tougher.

Also, Reagan, commenting after five beers is encouraged here.