Saturday, November 22, 2008

PUANTBOM + I Am Losing My Identity

At work yesterday some dude asked if I work at Black Cat too. No, I told him, you're thinking of Chad.

Me: Some dude just asked me if I work at Black Cat too. This is getting out of control.
Chad: No one ever thinks I work at Big Hunt.
Me: Up that.
Me: I'm gonna hire a publicist.
Chad: We should switch places for a day. Like on Sister Sister.
Me: Ok. Also I'm going to start a poster campaign called Scott Not Chad
Me: Or wear a t-shirt that says "Not Chad"
Chad: FWIW, no one ever asks me if I'm Chad or work at the Black Cat either.
Me: IWN=It's Worth Nothing. Ur dead to me.
Me: Oops I mean UDTM
Chad: Should I take your number out of my phone?
Me: Not if you want to know who's texting you death threats
Me: Although I guess I could just save them and tell them to you on Mondays
Chad: I bet your customers are happy about all your texting.
Me: They're not allowed to care. I forbid it
Me: PUANTBOM = Plus U Are Not The Boss Of Me
Chad: Hey, I wasn't telling you to get to work. I'm glad you're taking charge of your time.
Me: It helps when you have great disdain for your customers. Which you may understand.
Chad: That's why people confuse us.


Anonymous said...

Murph != Trevor

both like pho, but only one has tattoos.

chad said...

srsly tho, i don't see how people are getting confused. look at that picture. I'm wearing a hat!

Anonymous said...

sorry, dude, you are just going to have to live with being a poor man's chad america.

DeffoTotes said...

I believe I'm a rich man's Chad America. Plus, WHO ARE YOU

Anonymous said...

why are you so obsessed with identity anyway? i'm just some dude you know, that enjoys anonymously talking shit to you on your wonderful blog. also, please, don't forget that identity is based on qualities or characteristics that can make things the same OR different.

DeffoTotes said...

Identity is schmased on schqualities or schmaracteristics.