Monday, January 12, 2009

McGillmas Obsvd: Lasertag Edition

Since Joe shares a birthday with our Lord and Savior, we generally wait until after the holidays to observe it once everything is digested. This year, it was LaserTag in Virginia, somewhere.

Joe somehow finds a dragon/medieval-themed LaserTag joint. He likes those kinds of things.

In our party room, along with snacks and soda pop, the LaserTag people had included a real downer magazine display.

The signage at ShadowLandsLaserTagFamilyFunCentre was choice, and included a place where you can Create-A-Friend:

and get briefed

It also requires its attendees to come up with an alias. Ana: CHALUPA OF PAIN


In between rounds, old people tend to stand around and play skee-ball in silence.

Then later, Laura says she likes my blog. PANDERTIME

1 comment:

chad said...

dude, that lasertag place is right by my house! i wanna play lasertag!