Monday, January 26, 2009

More Ideas for Sunday Funday ++

After some discussion, Senior persuaded me that instead of Sunday Funday Whiskey and Gun Day III: The Dawn of the Eve of Destruction, we should completely bypass III and move directly on to IV. This way we could dramatically increase the storytelling ability, since nobody could reasonably argue that we were lying, since they obviously wouldn't have been there. In ten years, we'll be able to tell people that Joe blew his hand off in a pyrotechnics accident during III and he is now working with a bionic hand.

It also give a number of new naming choices, including my personal favorite, Sunday Funday Whiskey and Gun Day IV: Horsemen of the Gunpocalypse. I am even looking forward to everyone wearing a commemorative t-shirt, to fully geekify the weekend.

Please weigh in with your ideas about the design and/or slogan before I actually post it for sale.

While watching Death Wish 3 again a couple days ago, for the first time I thought I'd look into how much getting one of Bronson's amazing custom pistol would cost me. Since it's legal now and all.

While the price is prohibitive ($3k for a once-a-year, possibly homicide-inducing toy seems a bit much), if you have the means you might as well pick up the 18" barrel edition, complete with scope:

Also! My friend Jessica gives a shout. And I shout back. Hi!