Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Agenda: SF 3/09

1. El Farolito
2. Toronado
3. Magnolia
4. Zuni
5. Zeitgeist
6. Gestalt
7. Rosamunde Sausage Grill

Feel free to add non-food or -beer related ideas. But they will probs be ignored.


miss mess said...

omg nachos from el farolito, but consumed at mission bar = 5 stars.

i also recommend weird fish if you have not yet been. it's on mission and 18th.

Deffo said...

that's what I forgot! Weird fish is great.

your mama. said...

this is my favorite bar in san fran co- so check it.

Underblog said...

Much prefer Mission Villa on Mission and 20th to El Farolito. For excellent burritos, Taqueria El Toro on 17th and Valencia.

If you like cilantro on your carne asada burritos try La Cumbre across Valencia.

BTW, totes j