Thursday, February 19, 2009

Link Dump

Three straight posts with no pictures? QUE HAPPEN?

"What must be NY's first artisanal bacon bar."
(via Fimoculous)

Paste, Pitchfork, Pop Matters review Benjy's new album. (C'mon, Pitchfork! Do you really need to universalize a concept album about Bobby Driscoll? Seems to me that it universalizes itself)

Old Jews Telling Jokes (via BaconJew)

Also, someone needs to start a campaign to eradicate the use of "snark" as the only possible modifier for internet humor. I'll do it if nobody else does.

Update: Forgot to link to this sad news a couple days ago. Salih's book Season of Migration to the North is one of my favorites, ever.

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chad said...

both the paste and pitchfork reviews were dated feb 10th. one makes reference to "Queen bombast" and the other the "bombast of Freddy Mercury." so, who is ripping off who? also, what is bombast?