Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Almost A Car Owner + Bar Preview + Pictures

Yesterday lasted a long time. First, we test drove this, loved it, put down a deposit, will pick it up on Friday. Be prepared for pictures of driving it to Ocean City on whims in the coming months.

Next we went by to visit Teenerz, who is painting the soon-to-be-open H St. Country Club, where I took some unsolicited pictures.

This is the main floor bar:

Which includes the "locker room":

Upstairs is the putt-putt, with this gem of a loopty-loop which will likely result in multiple broken windows:

Get out of town with this rat tidal wave

and my personal favorite, the booted stretch limo horse

Lee Wheeler is responsible for all this, and he is slowly losing his mind but in the most entertaining manner.

Then we went to the Pug and hung out with two old dudes, drank whiskey and quality American beer.

Finally, Black Cat, where Tariq got all creepy-like.

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