Sunday, February 15, 2009

Entropy is Stupid

Test drove the '74 Camaro today, which was located somewhere outside Quantico, which is like a thousand miles away. Car was beautiful, and I was all excited when he cranked it up, since it sounds like a Camaro should sound, which is like a lion.

Then he mentioned in passing that he has no trunk key, or door keys (!), and that he doesn't have possession of the title, since there's a lien on it, oh and the brakes don't work per se, but look at the engine!

So I reluctantly have to say no. Then I see this Ford Falcon Futura parked next to it, and he says that it's for sale too

And it looks great until I sit in the driver's seat and realize that the floorboards are basically nonexistent. STUPID OLD CARS STOP DETERIORATING

Now my fixation has shifted gears (automotive jargon!) and tomorrow I am looking at this


Stockyard Queen said...

I believe that is the exact car my hubbie is looking at for our son. Is that a Scout, by any chance?

DeffoTotes said...

It's a Bronco. But I do lurve Scouts.