Thursday, February 5, 2009

Big Brother! (Not so good at math)

So I just got this ticket for running a red light, a violation which I'm sure I probably did. But when looking a little closer, I noticed that the ticket says I was traveling 92mph in a 25.

The citation does not include speeding, however. Which makes sense, since there is no possible way I was going 92mph.

I would challenge the ticket except I'm sure DC would find a way to charge me retroactively with reckless driving, suspend my license, get me fired from my job, and confiscate my personal possessions.


JF said...

Seriously? I would challenge it for faulty equipment. How do you know that the calibration was off and the pic was snapped at the wrong time. Obviously there is something wrong with it.

DeffoTotes said...

Ah, young J. "Obviously there was something wrong with it" does not fly in DC. In DC, the only possible resolution to my challenge would be to charge me $500.

reagan said...

haven't replied in a while, yet still an enjoyable reader. go ahead and pay the ticket, then petition to get your moolah back due to faulty (obviously) equipment. So literally pay the bs then petition it at the same time (especially if you were on a bike). they have put up some these around in the east bay and basically everyone has won their case. each person has told me to pay it first though, so you don't get the wrath of funk that is DC local pthghth. each person has gotten a check back in the mail. then again we are all getting IOUs from the state with our tax returns. blah.