Thursday, February 5, 2009

PokerNight 2.0: This Time it's Something or Other

This poker night was based largely around tacos, in that they were made for us, as well as the fact that we polished off the bottle of Black Bush (real product) only halfway through the game. But everybody came in their best disguises. Like Chad, who is a member of either a Latino biker gang or a longshoreman or both:

And Cat, who just acted like she wasn't there and hoped to win anyway

And Joe, who was the big winner early on but graciously gave most of it back to the rest of us

and me, who just kept my eyes closed

and hoped that the one card I needed came out. Look! It did!

Sorry, MattBrown. You needed a costume to get into this post.

+++Nush points to this, which aside from the name (it really should be "Wickedify") is amazing.

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chad said...

i learnt about cornify this morning from byt. needless to say, i've been using that shit all day.