Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Early Midlife Crisis

I got up today and for some reason decided that I want an old Camaro. Not the kind that are all shiny and restored--no, I want the kind that I can afford. Which is beat up. And AWESOME

Actually, $5k is not my price range at all. Discussion with TBs:

TBs: Get the 74 Camaro just for the redone upholstery and the motor has less than 200 brainer

Me: I so want it

TBs: BURNOUT CITY!!! I know of some great parking lots for donuts

Me: If I had 5k cash I'd buy it today and we'd go donutting

TBs: We could throw a "Scott needs a rad donut car" fund raising party at bourbon

Me: Ur the problem solver

TBs: I'm breaking out my OP shorts and my Krokus muscle tee

Me: Thing is this will prob happen this summer

TBs: Summer time donut time!!! Tall boy buds! What pool r we picking up chicks at


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You misspelled upholstery and motor.
They should be spelled opolsery and moter.