Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Punk and I took a portrait.

Boss broke out the 20-year old Dell QuietKey keyboard (which is in fact the opposite of quiet, interestingly) a few weeks ago because he's too cheap to buy a new one. After I mocked (" bossman the 80s called they want their keyboard back etc"), he added the "ERGONOMICALLY PERFECT SINCE 1984."

Who knew that nerds still like the big keyboards, and that the office at work is now with the times?

Very excited about this album. Tracks 2 and 6 in particular.

Remember my mom's horribly disfigured spine? Take a gander:

+++In the NYT Proof blog (when it's not about being a recovering alcoholic, it's pretty good), a great post about downpouring/blended drinks/top shelf v. rail.


nush said...

yay for momz! is she feeling good?

Anonymous said...

nice to see you have only included your most important features in your portrait: pretty, pretty mouth and neck beard.

DeffoTotes said...

I'll have you know that Punk is very sensitive about her neck beard.

Anonymous said...

medicine: wow.