Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Look at This Infuriating Thing

So I decided that since I was already wasting time, I'd start looking for available Twitter accounts for characters or famous people, should I get especially bored later and want to act like I was them. Turns out there's an absurd number of them already taken. Names that are taken and not being used:

AlexPKeaton (Dude's picture is of Napoleon Dynamite, which makes no sense.)

(Come on, this one needs to be used.)

rick AND ajsimon (?????)

DrGirlfriend (You, sir, are no Doctor Girlfriend.)

elicash (he twitters in a sort of obsolete vernacular)

DrVenkman (I suppose it'll be in use soon)


EveKendall (tho I don't know that I could do her justice)

, RobSchneider, Roy Scheider... WAIT THERE'S NO ROY SCHEIDER. There is now. Success.


romanlily said...

It's as if these people have never heard of RICHARD MARX.

Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
This message is simply matchless ;)