Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Always Knew My Distaste for X-Men Would Come Back To Haunt Me (+Klay?)

So we went to Maryland somewhere yesterday (to get there: Take a right on New Hampshire Ave and keep going forever) to hang out with Ana's sister and her two boys. Here's the one, who opened the afternoon with a little quiz for yours truly:

Outside, afternoon.

Me: Hi

Kid: Hi what are you doing here

Me: I'm here with your Aunt to hang out with your mom.

Kid: Ok. Do you like X-Men?

Me: (LYING) Sure

Kid runs to get some action figures, brings them back.

Kid: What's your name?

Me: Scott

Kid: Ok you'll be Scott (holds up the super-lame X-Man with the laser eyes or whatever).


Kid holds up a blue X-Man.

Kid: This is Beast.

Me: Yeah

Kid holds up another X-Man.

Kid: Who is this?

Me: (Immediately pissed that the kid has sensed my lack of knowledge about and general dislike for his favorite things ever) Uh, I dunno.

Kid: (Disgusted) Ugh. CoLOssus.

I walk over to Ana and her sister and sit down.


The thing about me and certain things, like the X-Men and the Princess Bride, is that I don't like them. For no reason, really, other than that I decided not to like them somewhere along the way. The X-Men, I figure, is basically just Harry Potter with adults; I don't like Harry Potter, so ipso facto etcetera ergo proctor hoc I don't like X-Men.

Which isn't a big deal until a kid challenges you on it and you lose.

You know who didn't quiz me about kid stuff? This one, who is basically a painting by a Dutch Master.

Bonus: Cat pouting under a stool

and three adult males wearing Mickey Mouse shirts.


Anonymous said...

the perfect storm of mickey mouse t -shirts was truly something special to behold. also, not liking the princess bride is going to come back to haunt you, as well, because next time is see you i'm punching you in the face.

Deffo said...

Wait, this is terrifying. I have to be scared of seeing everyone now for fear that they'll punch me in my face??