Wednesday, January 16, 2008

DeffoReview of Things: Hockey Edition

I saw my Canadian friend yesterday (she was picking up Canada-related signage, natch), and decided that it was time to include some more Canada-related phlogging here.

The only Canadian thing I can think of is hockey, a sport that I haven't watched since I was a sophomore in high school and my girlfriend's family was from Detroit. Which means that I watched some Red Wings' games while surrounded by mustachioed uncles drinking canned beer. With that in mind, here is the DeffoReview of Things: Hockey Edition!

Seems obvious to start off with the Stanley-Cupping Edmonton Oilers! Esa Tikkanen, who has the most enforcey-type name in the NHL, is doing some great enforcing for his team.

I'm sure The Great One is happy to have you on his side, Esa!

Brett Hull!

Also, how proud are you Phlyers fans of your little Eric Lindros? I'm pretty sure he hasn't killed anybody this season.

Coach Gordon would love to have you on his team, Eric!

Finally, the best thing about hockey is this guy, who reminds us that helmets are for lady boys. AND HIS NAME IS CRAIG MACTAVISH

Nobody else named Craig Mactavish has ever done anything tough, ever. So this one should be proud of himself.

BONUSBONUSBONUS Finally got to see my roommate's band, Cloak/Dagger, play a show this weekend. They are the first band I've seen in a decade wherein no band members wore facial hair.


romanlily said...
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romanlily said...

What I meant to say is, when you think of Canada, you need to think of Michael J. Phox.

Deffo said...

Agreed. Perhaps I will do my first DeffOgraphy of Alex P.

anne said...

you are missing the real "greatest thing" in hockey at this moment--his name is sidney crosby aka sid the kid, sadly he just got injured so you might not be able to witness his greatness again for another few weeks