Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Have You Seen This Woman?

So Senior

got a new job and won't tell anybody where she's working.

She's acting like she has pride or something. Screw that. Let's find her! Here is what we know:

1. She says it's on L St NW in Washington, DC. (She may be lying)
2. She says she's working lunches (probably true, may mean that it's a lunch-only, caters to people with real jobs crowd)
3. They serve Michelob Light (this should narrow it down a bit)
4. One of her co-workers asked recently, "Are you SERIOUSLY saying that you don't like Nickelback?!?" (place must be awesome)

Will add more clues as they come along. Please feel free to post your own knowledge in the comments. This way we should be crashing her lunch shift by the end of the month.


Meowington said...

I heard that she met this dude there who was involved in this cockfighting ring outside of San Jose and she agreed to help smuggle roosters into the District and now theres a warrent out for her arrest.

Does that help?

Jordan said...

I know where she works. For real.

Deffo said...

Um, Jordan? Consider Santa incommunicado unless you spill it. Plus, you will soon find yourself dead.

Jordan said...

I'll tell you, but it's gonna cost you. A few red headed sluts should work

DeffoTotes said...


Jordan said...

Start gathering the masses and I will lead a pilgrimage. And yes, it's a business lunch type place, but for alcoholics. So I think we'll be fine. I'm looking forward to Michelob Ultra. I hope they have the Amber variety.

CoCo said...

you guys have to wait til i get back from new york. also, you know she's probably going to kill us, right?